Blossoms of Light Denver Botanic Gardens

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During the holiday season, the Denver Botanic Gardens presents Blossoms of Light- a winter wonderland of lights and sounds. This review is presented as part of the 18 Things To Do With Kids In Denver For Christmas series.

In this post, I’ll tell you what Blossoms of Light is, how to get tickets and what to expect at the event.

three light up starts with waterfall blossoms of light

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What Is Blossoms of Light?

Blossoms of Light is a special event at the Denver Botanic Gardens that happens each year from the end of November to the beginning of January.

The York Street location transforms into a twinkling winter wonderland of lights that will please the entire family. We LOVED this event. The light display is phenomenal.

How To Buy Tickets

You will need to buy tickets in advance for this event. Tickets are limited and they do sell out every year. You can buy tickets from the Gardens’ website here

Additionally, if you are a member of the Gardens, you are allotted two complimentary tickets to the event. I think membership to the Gardens is a super deal, but that’s a whole other post. 

red, yellow and orange chiculy glass statue lit up for christmas in denver

When you buy tickets you will choose your date. The only downside is that the Blossoms of Light happens outside, and you usually have to buy your tickets way in advance since they sell out. So- just know you’ll dress warmly.

Also- the last entrance to the event is 8:30 pm, so make sure to arrive in time because they do close the doors.

large tree with turquoise lights blossoms of light

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What To Expect At The Event

You’ll arrive and potentially wait in line to get into the event. Since this event is so popular, the parking lot can fill up fast. People spend about an hour here, so there is rotation in the parking. We arrived at about 7 pm and many people who arrived right at the opening were leaving- so there were parking spots.

blossoms of light sign denver colorado

Once you go inside you can just follow a path around the entire exhibit. I loved that the path was predetermined, as there are a lot of people and this way, everyone was sort of going along the same flow.

There are lots of opportunities to peel off the path and head indoors to the warmth too. Or, you can purchase warm beverages and snacks at the snack stands or in the cafe.

little girl with holospex glasses at denver botanic gardens

You can purchase Holospex glasses for $2 a pair in the Boettcher Conservatory- we bought two pairs for the family and shared. 

Dress warmly! The event is outside and you aren’t walking particularly fast, but it’s so beautiful that you hardly notice the cold, honestly. 

Finally- I love that the Gardens made every sign bilingual English and Spanish- it was a fun way to reinforce reading skills in Spanish with my bilingual kids. They also had a whole Miguel de Unamuno poem in Engish and Spanish in the terrarium with the poinsettias. I loved it. 

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bilingual poetry sign denver botanic gardnes

What To Bring

Warm clothes– Definitely dress warmly. This is an informal crowd, and you don’t need to dress up at all.  

Holospex glasses-You can bring your own Holopex glasses if you want. I saw a big group of people who had brought their own, which was probably cheaper. They charge $2 a pair at the Gardens, but if you need a huge number of them you could just order them on Amazon to save money.

aspen tree white light display at denver botanic

Snacks and Drinks– One of my favorite things about the Gardens is that you can bring your own food and drinks- even alcohol. In the summer months, you’ll often see couples enjoying a picnic with a bottle of wine, and during this event, I saw lots of people with their own thermos of hot chocolate. 

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