Blood Orange Italian Soda Recipe

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blood orange italian soda recipe
I drink water like crazy – there are over ten water bottles in the refrigerator, and it’s not uncommon for me to drink a gallon of water before breakfast. I’ve always been that way – drinking ice water all the time. At a certain point each day though, I need something different in my glass, and I usually pull together a simple and low calorie recipe to sip on in the late afternoon. While I love the Costa Rican tradition of batidos, they can take more time than I have, and it can be hard to keep the fresh fruit on hand, especially during the winter.  I love this Italian soda recipe because it is low calorie, I can make it in 5 minutes, and oranges are easy to keep on hand for a long time!


Yield: This makes just a little over 2 cups (16 oz) of soda
– The juice of 3 blood oranges
– The juice of half a lime (or lemon)
– Your favorite sparkling water (I love La Croix) (affiliate)


 Mix the juices of the oranges and half lime(or lemon) first. Dived the juice in half into 2 glasses, then add 1 cup of the sparkling water into each glass. Decorate with orange slices and mint leaves. Stir and enjoy!


  • If you like your soda a little more on the sour side then I’d opt for the lemon juice
  • This recipe multiplies really well, and can be made for a party or group.
  • I also LOVE to add a little sweet rum in here for a fun summer evening cocktail!
  • You can add ice and put this all in the blender and top with blueberries for a smoothie type drink!

=easy recipe for blood orange italian soda


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