BilingualWe Series 2 Episode #4 – Support For Your Bilingual Plan

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bilingualwe series 2 support for your bilingual plan

Bilingual kids are not made by sheer will, and it’s important for parents to clarify for themselves and their children the why and how of their family’s bilingual model. We must define what our outcomes for our bilingual children are, and then think through a roadmap of how to get there- and we can’t do it alone! From setting goals to finding your village  This week Christa chats with Marianna DuBosq, bilingual mom raised in Venezuela and now the owner of Bilingual Avenue.

Here’s what we chat about:

  • How Marianna became bilingual (she’s a sequential like Heather and Christa!)
  • Which bilingual model Marianna uses at home and why
  • How Marianna’s daughter reacts to their bilingual plan
  • The three characteristics of a successful bilingual family plan
  • Why books are the key to bilingualism, and how Marianna uses them to leverage language use at her house
  • Christa and Marianna’s top bilingual audio resources (and a great tip from Marianna about how to change the dynamic of Spanish playdates gone bad!)

Weekly Nerdicle:

Reading Rocket Guide from Colorin Colorado

Additional Resources

About Marianna:

Marianna Du Bosq was born in Caracas, Venezuela where she spent the majority of her childhood as a monolingual speaking only Spanish. Until one day, right before her thirteen birthday, her family moved to the United States and her adventure and passion for language learning began! Her love for languages started with her own experience and grew into a desire for teaching others leading her to spend several years in the classroom teaching dual language learners. She is now facing the most challenging yet rewarding facet of her life, that of a bilingual parent. Marianna is the blogger and podcast host at Bilingual Avenue and its Members’ Club, a community of like-minded parents raising children in English and Spanish. She has a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction and a Master’s in Business Administration.

BW Series 2 Ep 4 Marianna Henning

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