BilingualWe Series 2 Episode #008 – Advocating For Your Bilingual Child

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BilingualWe Episode 8 Advocating For Your Bilingual Child

How can we best prepare our bilingual child for the world outside the cocoon of our supportive home life? That’s the question that both Stephen Krashen and D Garcia answer for us this week on BilingualWe. Whether our kids exhibit shyness in the Heritage Language in the classroom or on the playground, there are a myriad of tips and tricks we can use to stick to our guns with the minority language, and to advocate for them at school.

About D Garcia:

I am a parent of a 5 year bilingual child who is an English learner.  I am a Director of Multilingual Education/Dual Language in Waukesha where I have had the opportunity to grow our Dual Language 2-way program fro 4K-10th grade across multiple sites. I have traveled extensively in South America and lived in Central America. I am married to a bilingual teacher and native of Colombia. Originally from Waukesha, I currently live with my family in Milwaukee. I am a contributing writer at the Center For Teaching for Biliteracy

Note: D Garcia is a powerhouse of knowledge about bilingualism and biculturalism. Take notes on this episode, as she rapid-fires so much information, it’s double the information we usually provide!

Here’s what we chat about:

  • D shares with us why she is so adamant about Minority Language at Home -and the racial stereotypes that accompany it
  • We talk about Stephen Krashen and how bilingual programs help our children
  • D shares her top strategies for keeping Spanish at home
  • Ask the expert! You can ask D any questions you have about bilingualism at home in our Facebook Group

 Our weekly nerdicles:


Bilingual We Series 2 Episode 2 D Garcia

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