BilingualWe- I’m Bilingual But My Kids Aren’t!

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Deciding to stay at home with our children is not an easy decision- especially for globally engaged moms who love to engage with the world around them. It’s also all to easy to feel isolated in our quest for global citizens, and to second guess the decisions that we make in raising our kids. In this episode, Christa and Mary Grace Otis of The Global Moms Show tackle two important topics- how to raise our kids to be racially and culturally aware, and how to begin to incorporate bilingualism into our daily routines with our children when we initially made the decision NOT to raise bilingual kids (as in the case with Mary Grace.)

Here’s what we chat about:

-How Mary Grace became bilingual
-How the Global Moms Show was born
-Mary Grace’s awesome theory on why moms should continue to engage in the world even when they are busy
-Race and poverty and equity in access to education
-Why Mary Grace and her bilingual husband didn’t decide to teach their kids German- and how they feel about that decision now
-Tips and tricks for starting a bilingual plan in the home when the kids are older

This week’s nerdicle: (Warning- it’s heavy stuff!)

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The Episode:

About Mary Grace

Mary Grace Otis is a wife, mom, freelance writer, and host of The Global Mom Show podcast. She has lived, worked, and traveled abroad, and longs to give her children the gift of a globally-minded life. On her podcast she talks with moms around the world about how they stay connected to global ideas and how they teach their children to be global citizens. You can listen to her podcast on iTunes or Stitcher radio or on her website, You can also join her private Facebook Group, The Global Moms Network, to connect with other moms living global lives around the world. Mary Grace believes that you can live a global life wherever you are, and teach your kids to do the same.

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