#BilingualWe Episode #0006 – Bilingual Kids and Screen Time

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It’s impossible to talk about raising bilingual kids in 2016 without a conversation around screen time. How much, how often, which resources… the discussion seems to be endless. To round out the first series of BilingualWe, Christa and Heather brought in another mompreneur – Aileen Pasariello-McAleer, co-creator of the MamaLingua App for a rich discussion about comprehensible input for our bilingual kids aged 0-5.  Thanks, Aileen, for sharing your very last night in Denver with BilingualWe! Listen in for the answers to our key question: What does a positive relationship between screen time and bilingualism look like and why?

Here’s what we chat about:

  1. What bilingualism looks like at Aileen’s house
  2. The challenges surrounding teaching kids to read in Spanish
  3. The BEST media, print, and screen resources for our kids
  4. How to effectively de-brief with your kids after screen time
  5. How much screen time is too much, and how to tell
  6. The benefits of screen time for all learners
  7. The question of the week: what does screen time look like at your house, and why?

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#BilingualWe Episode #006

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