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We are a bilingual family raising bilingual kids. Both my husband and I are fluent in Spanish and English, he hails from Costa Rica and I was born and raised in Colorado, United States. We are a multicultural family in all senses of the word- and proudly raising Latina girls in the USA.


Being bilingual isn’t just about speaking two languages- it’s a mindset that encompasses everything we do. Every mixed culture family you meet will speak about duality- the way we are always trying to teach two languages, two cultures, two identities. Our homes are a melting pot.


And that’s where this section of the blog was born- bilingual living encompasses everything we do in pairs. If a movie or show doesn’t encompass our multilingual life, we find one that does. If a product doesn’t recognize multiple cultural identities- it’s not going to work on our homes.


Here are a few of our most popular bilingual living posts:

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