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These Spanish book subscription boxes make bilingual parenting easier. Just subscribe and wait for an age-appropriate box to come to your doorstep each month!

For me, one of the very hardest parts about bilingual parenting is actually finding the time to keep books, movies, podcasts and activities in Spanish on hand.

Like most moms, I’m figuring out where and how to outsource some things so I can stick to my Spanish language plan with my kids.

Spanish book box services make finding new stories to share with your child easy by bringing new titles to your doorstep every month!

Spanish language subscription box services offer an ever-changing list of high-quality children’s books and enrichment activities to accompany them. Titles are carefully selected, often focusing on the Hispanic world and lifting up themes of inclusivity and compassion. 

Here are a few of the best Spanish language subscription boxes I have found (in no particular order):

Hola Amigo Book Box

This Spanish book subscription service sends a themed package complete with a book and Spanish learning materials to your doorstep every month. I have to say, when this gorgeous box showed up on my doorstep I was beyond excited.

Hola Amigo was developed by two bilingual mom educators with a passion for supporting bilingual parents of young children.

The box I tested included one bilingual book and one non-fiction reader for reading in Spanish. There were three different bags with different types of activities in Spanish- a game, a craft and a reading activity. There was even a tracing activity book that my 5-year-old loved.

Everything is in Spanish and the vocabulary outlined is age-appropriate and easy to use. The box is best for pre-readers (age ranges of preschoolers and early elementary students). 

To subscribe, visit: Use code PURAVIDA10 for 10% off all subscriptions.

spanish books and spanish toys in a large subscription box

Sol Book Box

Sol Book Box was started by Vanessa, a bilingual mom who hails from Mexico and knows the importance of book boxes for kids.

That’s what she created this subscription box, which include carefully chosen Spanish language titles every month and are designed to foster a love of reading and learning.

The books each month are imported from Latin American countries and are selected for their relevance and diverse characters. No translations here! Vanessa focuses on books that would be hard for a bilingual parent to get anywhere.

One new book is shipped every month on the 20th. These books for kids are aimed at what tiny humans read- not chapter books so much as picture books.

I haven’t had a chance to test out this particular subscription box, but I did participate in Vanessa’s BILINGUIFY! course to help bilingual parents be more effective with their kids. It was awesome.

Happy child playing in cardboard box. Kid having fun at home


This children’s book subscription service is committed to inclusivity and representation within children’s bookshelves. Titles are sourced from Latin America, Spain, and the US.

Developed by a homeschooling Latina mom, Maceo Cabrera Estévez, Booklandia focuses on improving bilingual literacy among babies, kids, and middle schoolers.

What I love about Booklandia is that Maceo is a mom just like us, who wants families to be successful in finding and using bilingual and Spanish language books with our kids. Her site is a great resource as she has lots of lists of great books for bilingual kids of all ages.

Image courtesy Booklandia

Bella Lengua Bilingual Book Club

From the intercultural language learning site, Bella Lengua comes a monthly subscription-based bilingual book club!

Each Bella Lengua book club box brings two carefully selected bilingual children’s books every month. Stories are carefully curated and celebrate bicultural families and bicultural narratives. This book subscription for kids is aimed at beginner and intermediate learners, or children ages 0-7.

This company also offers online Spanish language classes for families with kids aged 0-12.

One Third Stories

These monthly subscription boxes consist of an original Spanish language storybook and supplemental learning resources like flashcards and an activity pack.

Boxes gradually introduce new themes and characters, building on older content. These boxes ship from the UK and have a fun international flair! These subscription boxes for kids are intended for ages 4-9 and available in Spanish, German, Italian, and French.

Feppy Box

I just discovered Feppy Box on Instagram and my box is on the way! I’ll update back once I have tested the product.

What I love about Feppy Box though is that they have a subscription option for siblings. With this option, you get an additional set of materials in the box so that siblings can do the box together. This is so smart AND so helpful for me as I have two girls.

Feppy Box also offers free shipping in the US -so the price you see is the price you pay. Feppy Box is designed for kids ages 3-5.

Use discount code PVMOM20 for 20% off your FIRST box!

Kid’s Candor

This bilingual book box starts at just $25 a month and includes activities for pre-readers. There are both arts and crafts and an option for a music CD, which we know kids love!

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Each month has a theme, and the box includes a bilingual book, a related toy, bilingual activity cards and more.

I absolutely adore that this subscription model has boxes for 0-6 months. I would have loved it if someone gifted me a box like this when I was a new mom trying to figure out how to be a mom and a bilingual parent at the same time.

stuffy, bilingual spanish cd, bilingual board book and activity cards

Little Global Citizens

Though the materials in this subscription service are only available in English, the Little Global Citizens service is a fantastic way to introduce your child to the countries of the world and their cultures!

Each box has been designed by a team of Montessori educators and comes equipped with travel guides, original storybooks, and kid-friendly crafts.

Little Global Citizens encourages open-mindedness, understanding, and cultural appreciation through their products, and offers a wonderful “immersion” experience for young children. Intended for ages 4-10, boxes come every two months and feature a new country.

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