20 Latin Cocktails For Your Next Party!

Rum punch cocktail in glass with ice and umbrella.

I just love a good cocktail recipe. With the right combination of ingredients, and cocktail can take me back to some of my favorite memories from my travels around Latin America. 

Like drinking coquitos at sunset in Puerto Rico.

Or watching my daughter take her first steps in the Dominican Republic while sipping rum and Coke.

What about dancing literally all night at La Rumba in Denver while drinking mojitos?

And of course, every sunset under the sun while drinking ice cold Imperial in Costa Rica.

All this to say- I love a great cocktail. For this post, I asked some of my favorite Latin recipe bloggers to show me their best Latin cocktail recipes- and they showed out. 

20 Latin Cocktails For Your Next Party!

Latin Cocktails- recipes inspired by every country in Latin America! Boozy, creamy, beer, rum punch- take your pick and start the fiesta!


Mojitos are a rum-based drink popular in the Carribean- especially Cuba. Again- rum (light rum or dark rum), lime juice, and usually club soda. Muddled mint leaves. Oh, and some kind of fruit. The possibilities are endless!

Rum Punch

I'm a big ran of rum punch- since it's basically any kind of rum with any kind of fruit juice. And lots of ice. And preferably a great soca music soundtrack. Or a beach. A few of our favorites....


Margaritas are a quintessential cocktail from Mexico- and most people think of a margarita when they think Latin cocktails. What can be better than great tequila, citrus juice, ice and salt?

Other Types of Latin Drinks

There are 28 Spanish speaking countries in the world, and each place has at least one signature cocktail.

This section is for all the other types of Latin cocktails- and traditional cocktails with a Latin twist. Mimosas, Bourbon Punch, Caipirinha- the possibilities are endless!

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