Beginner Vegan Green Juice Recipe

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As part of my 100 Somethings 2017 Challenge, I am committing to 100 days of eating a vegan diet until dinner. You can read all about why and how I decided to make this change- and one of the recipes that is most helping me to get through the challenge is this vegan green juice recipe.

My friend Jessica, (who has been mentoring me as I start to experiment with plant-based eating) drinks her green juice as a meal replacement at times, which is definitely working well for her. For me- that’s not quite enough calories or protein, so I am drinking the green juice at snack time or when I feel hungry throughout the day. It is a filling juice, and so I have definitely noticed myself eating less at meals when I drink all of it. More soon on the types of foods I am eating during the day.

I invested in the Hamilton Beach juicer (affiliate) because I had read online that it was the best juicer for the lowest price. So far I’m super happy with it because it juices fast, I don’t have to chop many vegetables because they mostly fit into the large receiver, and the unit is easy to clean. Please do note also that this is a green JUICE recipe, not a green smoothie- so you definitely need a juicer to make this.

Yield: 16 oz  vegan green juice


  • 2 carrots
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 celery stalks
  • handful of spinach
  • leaf or two of kale (kale juice is super bitter so you can leave it out at first if you don’t like the taste)
  • 1 apple (or substitute a beet, but the juice is pretty bitter that way)


Place all the ingredients in the juicer, in batches if necessary. Once juiced, shake to mix. Can be stored overnight in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Can be strained in a fine mesh strainer (affiliate) if you don’t like the texture, but I find that if I thoroughly chill the juice and then drink it through a straw that it tastes really good- I have even started craving it.  I’m lusting after these reusable straws right now, and these cleaning brushes!(affiliate).

One final tip- I have been storing the juice in a Ball canning jar, and it stores over night really nicely if I fill it to the top and seal it tightly. So I bought the 16 ounce and the 8 ounces sizes (affiliates), depending on if I drink one or two portions of the juice. (I used the leftover jars to re-organize my pantry and they worked like a charm!)

Do you drink a green juice? What is your recipe? Are you a vegan? Why? Please comment below- I love to learn from you!

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