Beauty and the Beast Printable Posters

Growing up, my parents were very intentional about what television and movies we were allowed to watch. I’ll never forget when we had to turn off The Wonder Years because the older brother said “butthead.” Looking back, it was good my parents protected us from the outside world for as long as they could. One thing we were always allowed to watch, though, were Disney movies. I will never forget when Beauty and the Beast came out- my siblings and I ran around the house singing “Be Our Guest” for weeks- I still know most of the words! I’m excited to share the animated version with my girls when they are old enough- but I am really excited to go see the new Beauty and the Beast on my own. I’m getting ready by nerdily checking out everything the Disney is releasing leading up to the event- including these free Beauty and the Beast printable posters, and our amazing giveaway in partnership with The Hopping Bloggers (coming soon!)  But first…

Here is the TV spot in case you haven’t seen it:

And here is the trailer that was just released this weekend:

And did you know that Celine Dion is releasing a new song for the soundtrack? It will be available on March 10th, but you can preorder it here:

And finally, the character posters- they are so beautiful! You can preview them below, and click the link below each image for the high resolution .pdf of each image.

Print Maurice poster here

Print Gaston poster here

Print Lefou poster here

Print Lumiere poster here

Print Plumette poster here

Print Garderobe poster here

Print Cogsworth poster here

Print Cadenza poster here

Print Belle poster here

Print Prince poster here

Print Beast poster here


Print Mrs. Potts poster here

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