Make Bath Time Fun- Tips For Busy Parents

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Bath time tips for busy parents. Bath time doesn’t have to be a fight- in fact it can be fun with just a few simple tips.

I’ve got one kid who would jump in the bath every minute of every single day.

I’ve got another who throws a tantrum worthy of an Oscar when we announce bath time.

Myself? I love baths and always have.

So what do we do when it’s time to bathe and we can’t get one kid out of the tub and we can’t get another one in the tub? I’ll tell you a few of our favorite bath time tips. But…

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First, let’s back up for a minute and talk about why each of our kids has such strong reactions to bath time. Older daughter has super super dry skin- she often goes to bed scratching her arms and legs if we don’t bathe her and put lots of lotion on her body every night before bed. 

Obviously, she loves bath time because she knows that time in the water will help her rest better. Plus, she’s the typical oldest girl child and a pleaser- if mom wants her in the tub, she’ll do it.

Our second daughter is a free spirit at her core- everything has to be her idea or it’s a bad idea. Plus, she has really curly hair and she doesn’t like to wash it and get it wet.

(Part of that is my fault- for about 18 months I had no idea how to manage those curls. Now that we’ve got that figured out, I think she rebels over bath time out of habit more than anything.)

So when it’s time for bath, here’s what we do to make bath time as fun and painless (for the parents) as possible.

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Bath Time Tip #1- Communicate

We let the girls know when it is bath day, and what part of the day it will fall in.

We might have an early morning bath when we are in Costa Rica– it’s traditional to bathe in the morning there because it helps regulate the body temperature throughout the day.

We might have bathtime before bed if we aren’t washing hair. Or we might do bath time before dinner if we’ve had an especially dirty day at school or playing at home. 

The point is- we don’t always have bath at the same time each day, but we make sure to let the girls know in advance when they will have to take a bath.

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rubber ducks on bath tub rim

Bath Time Tip #2- Make bathtime fun

Obviously, my older daughter has a huge incentive to get in the bathtub- it makes her skin feel better. Little Sister definitely needs an incentive- so we make bath time into a game. 

We might have a competition to see who can get their clothes off and into the dirty clothes basket first. We might turn on a favorite song and let the girls run around naked and screaming (why do kids like to do that so much?)

We definitely have fun bath toys in the tub- letters and numbers, lots of quirting toys and of course rubber duckies.

I also love to let the girls pick out the soap and shampoo they are going to use. Lately, they are liking the new Baby Magic products we recently tested. And I like them because they’ve reformulated to keep out nasty chemicals like mineral oil and parabens.

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Bath Time Tip #3- Let them decide how long the bath lasts

Some nights I am NOT in the mood to sit in the bathroom while the kids play in the water.  I usually get splashed a ton, the kids yell so my ears hurt, and I have to sit on the toilet since we have a small bathroom. (Cue favorite margarita recipe here).

But- I have learned that if I let the girls decide how long they are in the bath, things go better. Sometimes Little Sister wants to rinse and go. I have to respect that.

Other times Big Sister wants to really soak in the warm water to ease her itchy skin- and I get that too. (And in all honesty, we loved trying the Baby Magic Hydrogel Patch recently- it eases the discomfort of itchy skin and works great.)

Either way- they decide how long they are in the bath.

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Bath Time Tip #4- Make them feel loved

One of my favorite times of the day is after bath- when I get to lotion up my girls. We talk together about our day, or we have a tickle-fest, or we tell jokes. 

Whatever we do, it’s such a special one-on-one time of day that I get to spend with each child. After a bath, I always put lotion on both girls. I have to be so careful with Big Sister because her skin is super sensitive to so many products.

The lavender, chamomile, and aloe in the Baby Magic Lavender Lullaby Scents is a new favorite at Casa Pura Vida, as is the Baby Magic Original Scent Creamy Baby Oil. Of all the bath time tips in this article, I think this one is my favorite.

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Bath Time Tip #5- Don’t Push It

Some nights, bath just isn’t going to happen. Maybe the day got out of hand and it’s late. Maybe the fight just isn’t worth it. Maybe they fell asleep in the car on the way home and you can’t bear to wake them.

It happens- and it’s ok. For times like these, I just grab a wipe and wipe down the essential parts. Some nights that’s the diaper area, other nights it’s the hands and feet. 

Either way, sometimes the fight just isn’t worth it. We keep a pack of wipes on hand in each girl’s bedroom for nights like these, and the Baby Magic 3-in-1 Wipes do the trick- they even have Vitamin E, aloe and chamomile in them. Just wipe the kid down and send him to bed! 

Disclosure- This is a sponsored post by Baby Magic. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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