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Baby Glimpse Genetics Testing

Are you pregnant and wondering what your baby will be like?  Baby Glimpse informs parents of their own genetics ancestry and makes science based predictions about future generations through genetics.

Baby Glimpse Wonder Together

This post is sponsored by Baby Glimpse. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with Big Sister. My husband and I would spend time talking about and wondering about the new baby- especially what color eyes he or she would have. I feel like it’s always a topic of conversation among Latinos about whether or not our babies will have the coveted blue eyes- or “regular” old brown ones.

Latina Sister Love

Big Sister was born and after the first few months it was clear that she would be a blond haired, blue eyed child (not to mention beautiful!) Once her eye color was obvious to everyone, the questions and comments started. “Why does she have blue eyes?” “How funny she didn’t get the dominant brown eyes.” and my favorite- “She doesn’t look Latina!” And now- the questions about Little Sister- “Where did she get that curly hair?” I really wanted to give people an explanation, and I’m so excited that Human Code can help us out- I love that the company believes that Every Life Has a Code.™

Every Life Has A Code

So when Baby Glimpse reached out to our family to do a test run of their new product that gives parents science based info about their children’s genetics, I was super intrigued. Not only will my husband and I learn more about ourselves through the DNA sequencing (we will get an ancestry report)- we will also find out WHY our girls are the way they are. We will Wonder Together™ but also inform ourselves about our genetic legacy.

Baby Glimpse Insights

Here’s how Baby Glimpse works once you have ordered it:

  1. Receive your box in the mail. Each parent will need a separate kit to swab their own DNA.
  2. Register your kit online. (This did not even take me 1 minute! So easy!)
  3. Take your DNA swab with the included kit.
  4. Send the swab back in a pre-paid postage box.
  5. Wait for your results- typically about 6 weeks.

Baby Glimpse DNA Sample Kit

Check out our Baby Glimpse unboxing video!

The hardest part for us is going to be waiting for our results- we already know what our girls look like, but now we want to know WHY. Baby Glimpse provides the results for over 24 traits for your kids- so it goes beyond hair and eye color or adult height. There are even fun results for mosquito bite size, cilantro flavor perception and even preference for sweet and salty! I’m super excited about the conversations we will have about the results- we will post about our results in about 6 weeks, so stay tuned!

Baby Glimpse makes a great gift for expecting parents or even newlyweds. Make sure head to the Baby Glimpse site for more information, disclaimers and to order your kit today.

How will you use Baby Glimpse to learn more about your family? Let us know in the comments below!

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Baby Glimpse Genetics Testing

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