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In honor of Women’s History Month, I have teamed up with Multicultural Kid Blogs and Books del sur to showcase one of my favorite series of authentic Spanish literature for kids- the Anti-Princesas series. The books highlight three important female figures in Latino history in an age-appropriate manner that allows boys and girls of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to identify with and learn from the stories of powerful Latina women. Frida Kahlo, Juana Azurduy and Violeta Parra are prolific female historic figures who have traditionally not been celebrated by mainstream culture as strong role models. The Anti Princesas series aims to change that- and they do it phenomenally well by highlighting the important character traits of model females.   We also have exciting news about the English versions of these books, a giveaway of the Frida Kahlo book, and a free paper doll printable of Juana, Violeta and Frida. Basically, this is the best anti princesa post ever!

Anti-Princesas Press

I don’t need to tell you how amazing the anti-princesas books are. Remezcla, The Huffington Post and Latina Magazine have all done that already. The School Library Journal even reviewed them. Check it out!

Live Interview with Heather

In anticipation of this post, Heather Robertson-Devine (owner of Books del sur) and I sat down for a Facebook Live Interview about the importance the anti-princesas as a tool for self-discovery and empathy building. If you missed it on Facebook, don’t worry, you can watch it here. Don’t forget to subscribe to Pura Vida Moms on You Tube!

Anti-Princesas Paper Doll Printable

The Anti-Princesas have marched on Washington! You can take them in paper doll form anywhere in the world- and we encourage you to document your experiences on social media. Follow and tag @puravidamoms and @booksdelsur and use the hashtags #bilingualwe and #antiprincesas

Click here for your Anti-Princesa paper doll printable

Where to Buy Your Own Anti-Princesas Collection

I’m so excited to announce that Books del sur books are now available for purchase right from Pura Vida Moms website! Click below to purchase your own set of anti-princesas- and support two female, mom-owned businesses right here in the the USA. Thank you for your support!!

Purchase the Anti-Princesas books, in Spanish, from Books del sur here

Enter to win your own Spanish Language copy of the Frida Kahlo anti-princesa book!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Exciting News!! Anti-Princesas en English!

Books del sur and Pura Vida Moms are so excited to announce that the English version of Frida Kahlo will be available in April of 2017- so stay tuned for the pre-order information!

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