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Pura Vida Moms is a Denver based lifestyle blog with a distinctly bicultural perspective and a special love of Costa Rica.


The blog started as an answer to the question my husband and I faced as brand new bilingual/bicultural parents- how do we effectively root our children in two distinct cultures?


Today, Pura Vida Moms has evolved into a resource for all families who wish to expand their children's horizons beyond the four walls of their home through original recipes, family travel content and bilingual parenting tips.


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Who Is Christa Jiménez?

I'm a writer, photographer, world traveler, and translator that also runs Pura Vida Moms. I live in Denver with my soccer-loving husband Ricardo and our two daughters, born in 2013 and 2015.


I stay busy making sure that our first-generation Latina daughters stay deeply rooted in their Costa Rican heritage- and grow up to be biliterate in Spanish and English, just like me and Ricardo.


Bilingual living isn't always glamorous, but I believe it's the most important legacy we can pass on to our children.

Here at Casa Pura Vida, we love to make and eat yummy food, hold impromptu dance parties, read lots of books and most of all- explore the world home and abroad with our kids. A few fun stories:


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