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5 Visitor Tips Water World Denver

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Five reasons to visit Water World Denver, the largest community owned water park in the US, and a perfect place to take young children!

5 Visitor Tips Water World Denver

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We got to spend all day enjoying Water World here in Denver, and we LOVED it! I have the BEST memories of spending the day at Water World as a teen, and again as an adult, but had never experienced the water park as a parent. People always ask me if there is enough to do for young children at Water World Denver and my answer is YES!

Here are our 5 reasons to visit Water World with your family and young children! Please note- I was provided a family pack of tickets to Water World in exchange for this review.

5 Visitor Tips Water World Denver

Reason #1- Coolers Allowed in Water World Denver

As parents of young children, it’s important that our kids eat healthy meals and snacks. We also don’t always have a huge budget for eating out. At Water World, coolers are allowed, and you can brig in as much food as you want or need! We took in our huge Igloo rolling cooler full of snacks and drinks. The only restriction is that all purchased items in the cooler must be factory sealed and no alcoholic beverages are allowed.  If you aren’t keen on the picnic option, there are also lots of amazing dining options, including the all you can eat Pharaoh’s Feast, but we went for the picnic option on our visit.

Check out all of this great food we took to our Water World Denver picnic!

Reason #2- Potty Breaks

There are a myriad of kids’ pools at Water World- and they all do potty breaks. I love this because it is very easy to lose track of time at Water World, and the obligatory potty break keeps everyone from having unwanted accidents. Swim diapers are not required at Water World.

Reason #3- Wally World

Wally World is a three level kids pool with mini water slides, fountains, waterfalls, and a fun climbing element. The water is never more than 8 inches deep, and there are lifeguards on every level. We spent most of the day watching our kids wear themselves out going down the slides and climbing up to do it again and again.

We scored a picnic table right by the pools and spent the majority of the day anchored in Wally World. There are at least 4 other kids’ pools at the park as well- lots to explore! This year we loved the circus area- there was a double tube slide with a special section just for young kids that we went on over and over. And- a kid’s sized lazy river!

5 Visitor Tips Water World Denver

Reason #4- Lifeguards

Water World is extremely well-staffed with lifeguards. The guards were alert, friendly, and unafraid to call out my kids on unwanted behaviors. For example, there is no running in Wally World- and the guards were friendly but firm in reminding my girls of the rule.

My husband and I were extremely involved in our girl’s play, but there were a few times when one child would dart off and we couldn’t see her- the guards were aware of the kids and let me know where they were so I could get to them faster.

Reason #5- The Water World Rides

There are so many great rides at Water World that the whole family can go on. There are large family tubes that can fit up to 5 people, and we rode several attractions with the girls. They LOVED going down the big slides, and the Journey to the Center of the Earth left them smiling.

We also loved going around and around the Lazy River for some downtime after lunch, and the tram that goes fro one end of the park to the other was also a favorite. It’s super cool that parents can still enjoy some of the thrills of Water World with their young children.

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The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Water World Denver was So. Much. Fun. I didn’t expect it to be such an amazing experience with young children, and it absolutely was!

I am definitely considering season passes for next summer, since we can bring our own food, and I had a pretty stress free time with kids at the pool. I especially loved that the girls could play independently- most of the time our pool visits consist of both girls hanging off of me in too-deep water. This visit was phenomenal, and I can’t wait to go back.

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What is your favorite part about visiting water parks with young children? Let us know in the comments below!

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