5 Tips To Simplify Back To School Routine

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Simple Fall Routine

5 easy tips to streamline your fall family routine once the back to school euphoria has worn off.

Simple Fall Routine

Is it just me, or does back to school time get super busy? I feel like the initial rush of starting school and changing back from the summer routine is a really exciting time. And then October hits. The kids are missing summer, I’m tired of coming up with creative dinner ideas and everyone is sick of being inside more often.

Kids Using Technology

Here are our top tips for simplifying during back to school:

Make a Pinterest Board

I have found it tough to keep track of our family’s favorite recipes, so I created a Pinterest Board called “Recipes We Make Often.” I only keep on it recipes that we definitely like, not recipe ideas or things I want to try. I have a different board for that. I just keep the recipes that we have tested and approved. When I’m having trouble thinking of what to make for dinner, or planning the meal for the evening, I know I can always head to that board.

Family Using Pinterest

Keep A Family Calendar

I love that people still seem to respect summer. Many of the regular activities are canceled or not happening as often, which I love. Once school is back in session, all bets seem to be off. It can be hard to keep everyone on the same page and that’s why I value a weekly calendar. It sits right next to the back door and has our obligations for the week written where everyone can access it. If a paper calendar doesn’t work for you there are lots of digital options too. Check out these 2017 recommendations from Mom of 6.

Organize School Clothes

As many schools move to uniforms, it can be tough to get younger kids to remember which clothes they can use on which days. I bought a set of plastic drawers to put in my daughter’s closet and only school uniforms go there. When it’s time to get dressed in the morning, she knows that she can only choose combinations of clothing from that area. It’s a bonus for me because I can also tell if I need to do laundry because the drawers are almost empty!

Closet Uniform Organization

Backpack Organization

I haven’t met a parent who enjoys it when their kids walk in the door from school and plonk their backpack down in the middle of the floor. It was driving me crazy, so I created a simple space in our hall closet for backpacks. I just added two hooks at kid-level into the closet, one for backpacks and one for jackets. When we walk in the door from school, backpacks and jackets get put away. Yes, we often have to haul them back out for homework time, but in the meantime, those backpacks are stowed away.

Backpacks In Closet


What tips do you have for simplifying your routine during hectic times of the year? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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