5 Tips- Swim Lessons With Young Children

Swim Lessons for Young Children

Getting your kids ready for swim lessons doesn’t have to be a drag- and Goldfish Swim School (“where the experience is golden”) makes preparing for swim lessons even easier for busy moms like me!

Swim Lessons for Young Children

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I have the best memories of swimming from growing up- we spent every summer at the pool all day every day. I took so many swim lessons that I don’t even remember learning to swim- it just seems like I have always been able to swim. So as soon as my girls turned three months, we started going to the pool.

Baby Swim Lessons

Going to the pool with one baby was a bit of a headache, but then with a baby and a toddler I started to avoid going. It just took sooo long to get everyone out the door and into the pool. And then there was post-swimming! Getting everyone showered and dressed and into the car- (especially in Winter) made me head for the wine as soon as we got home.

Baby Swim Lessons

A family that swims together….

Since swimming with my kids is important to me, I have developed some simple tricks to make it easier to get to the pool with my girls. I’m so excited to have partnered with Goldfish Swim School here in Denver to bring you 5 tips to make preparing for swim lessons with young children super easy!

Goldfish Swim School Stapleton

Image courtesy Goldfish Swim School Stapleton

Tip #1- Keep A Reusable Swim Bag At The Ready

I have a swim bag with each kid’s towel, goggles, swim suit, and coverup hanging in our coat closet. When it’s time to go to the pool, I just grab the bag and get ready to go. When we get home I rinse suits and dry towels, and hang it right back up.

Goldfish Swim School Stapleton Reusable Swim Bag

Something that I love about Goldfish Swim School is that they gave me a reusable swim bag when I signed up for lessons- and the bag had a spot for my daughter’s names. That makes it super easy to keep the bags and their contents separate during the post-lesson fray.

Tip #2- Change at the Pool Before Swim Lessons

I have learned that if I take the kids to the pool in their clothes, I don’t have to worry about keeping a change of clothing in the reusable swim bag. And at Goldfish Swim SChool, they have really fun tiki hut changing rooms. The best part? The doors go alomst all the way down to the floor, so I don’t have worry about my two year old escaping from the room while I’m helping big sister!

Goldfish Swim School Stapleton Dressing Rooms


Tip #3- Shower At The Pool

I had this period of time where I thought that I would just get my kids straight home from the pool, and then try to wrangle them into the bath once we got home. My thought process on this was that then I wouldn’t have to pack the shampoo i the swim bag. (Yes, I know- terrible idea. And it never worked.)

Goldfish Swim School Stapleton Showers

Now we shower right at the pool. And I love that at Goldfish Swim School the showers are right next to the pool (no wrangling) and the kids can turn them on and off themselves. As an added bonus, there’s a space right next to the shower where I can stand and wash hair without getting wet. (GENIUS). And they provide the soap.

Goldfish Swim School Stapleton Soap in Showers

Tip #4- Do Hair Before Leaving The Pool

I also had a phase where I decided that once we left the pool I would just throw a hat on the girls heads, or put their hair in a messy pony before doing their hair at home. Again- bad idea. Thankfully at Goldfish, there is a full blow dry bar. So when we are done showering we just dry our hair- and I don’t have to worry about their heads getting cold in the winter.

Blow Dry Bar at Goldfish Swim School Stapleton

Tip #5- Keep Snacks On Hand

Swimming makes us HUNGRY- and at Casa Pura Vida, swimming too close to dinner can make us hangry too. I tend to keep snacks in my reusable swim bag- but I don’t always remember. No snacks after swim lessons is about the perfect recipe for a meltdown. I love that there are snacks, drinks, coffee and penny candy at Goldfish Swim School- so I don’t have to worry about packing snacks when we are running out the door between school and swim lessons.

Goldfish Swim School Stapleton Snack Bar

So what are you waiting for? Grab your kids and get them in the pool! And don’t forget to visit our friends at Goldfish Swim School for great swim lessons for kids of all ages.

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Swim Lessons Made Easy

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    Janelle | mrsmomlife
    November 19, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    This looks a fantastic place! I dread swimming lessons for all the reasons you mentioned but my excuses seem lame now that you’ve provided all the solutions 😉

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