5 Reasons Goldfish Swim School is a Great Value

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Child Swim Lessons Goldfish Swim School

Swim lessons at a private swim school is a big investment- and it’s important to find the best deal and highest quality lessons around. Here’s why Goldfish Swim School is a great value. This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School Stapleton.

Child Swim Lessons Goldfish Swim School

Choosing to invest in swim lessons at a swim school is a big decision- it’s not only a big time commitment, but also a substantial financial one. As my daughters complete their swim lesson trial at Goldfish Swim School Stapleton I find myself not only super impressed with how easy it is to get my girls into the pool (a task I previously loathed), but I’m also convinced Goldfish Swim School is a great value.

Observation Area at Goldfish Swim School Stapleton

Swim lessons to me always seemed like a cross between necessity and luxury- I have the best memories of swimming as a kid, but after we went down to a single income in order for me to raise the girls to speak Spanish, there are a lot of “necessities” that have become luxuries. I definitely think Goldfish Swim school is a great value and we are very seriously considering continuing the lessons now that our trial has completed. Here’s why:

Goggles at Goldfish Swim School Stapleton

Welcome Packet

When we signed up for Goldfish Swim School, we received an awesome welcome packet that included the things we would need to get started with lessons- and some fun stuff too! We received a coupon for 25% off of their already reasonably priced goggles or a swim diaper and a coupon for a free Family Swim session, Goldfish Swim School t-shirts, a reusable swim bag for our gear, and a snack sized package of Goldfish crackers! We use our swim bags every time we go to lessons.

Retail Store at Goldfish Swim School

Prizes for the Kids

For each lesson, I know exactly what the outcome is, and if my child is making progress toward a new skill or level. When my girls master a new skill, they get a ribbon with a fun saying about the skill they mastered. And at the end of each lesson, every child gets a fun prize, regardless of how their lesson went that day.

Prizes From Goldfish Swim School

Free Wifi and Kid’s Games

I love that while one kid in in lessons, the other kid is fully entertained with games, toys, coloring right at the swim school. Plus, there’s free wifi! This means that I can sneak in some much needed work time during lessons.

Activities at Goldfish Swim School Stapleton

Make Up Lessons

The make up lesson policy at Goldfish Swim School is super generous. If we need to miss a lesson for any reason, we just have to call before the lesson starts (even one minute before counts!) and we have a year to make up the lesson. We definitely used this perk when Little Sister slept through her swim lesson one week, and another week when both girls woke up vomiting. What other kid’s activity has this awesome of a make up policy?

Pool at Goldfish Swim School

Swim Lesson Progress

The biggest seller for me about Goldfish Swim School is the communication around progress. Not only is the facility set up for me to comfortably watch the girls during their lessons, but there is also a clear skill outcome that they are working to master. At the end of each lesson I get to see what progress each child has made during the lesson, and then talk to the instructor about what next steps are. The best part? When my child is ready to move to a new level, she can do so immediately- no waiting for a “session” to end!

Make Up Lessons at Goldfish Swim School

So what are you waiting for? Sign your kiddos up for swim school at Goldfish Swim School Stapleton– it’s a great value, your kids will make great progress, and you’ll get some alone time while they are in the pool!

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Swim Lessons Worth the Money

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