5 Easy Mother’s Day Activities Every Mom Will Love

Woman in pool wearing sunhat

Dads, this post is for you! 5 easy Mother’s Day activities that will have you looking like a super star and mom feeling relaxed and pampered. Make this the best Mother’s Day ever!

One of my very first Mother’s Day my husband decided to celebrate me at the Texas Roadhouse. For some odd reason- despite not liking steak, country music or shelled peanuts that much, I really love to go to the Texas Roadhouse. I think it’s because there’s an extensive kid’s pack, a great chicken tenders salad and huge beers.

Woman in pool wearing sunhat

My Mother’s Day Disaster

So on Mother’s Day, I (emphasis on I) packed up the baby, I wrangled my newly changed body into ill fitting clothes and we loaded into the car after nap. We had snacks, diaper, change of clothes, baby carrier, toys, etc etc.  I will fully admit that I was annoyed about the whole production from the get go. I mean, doesn’t Mother’s Day mean that I was to get a break? The carrot at the end of the stick was going to be that I didn’t have to cook.

No sooner did we walk into the restaurant than they told us there was a three hour wait for a table. As was there at almost every restaurant in the vicinity. And my heart sank. THIS was the celebration- I was actually going to not have to cook dinner! But once we found out about the wait, we had no plan B. All this to say- don’t get caught like us with no relaxing plan for Mother’s Day- here are 5 Mother’s Day Activities every mom will love!

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Tip #1- Arrange For Mom To Sleep In

I don’t know of a single mom who doesn’t want to sleep more.  At our house, my getting to sleep in is largely dependent upon how quiet the kids are after they get up. Since my girls tend to be loud- well, you get the idea.

On Mother’s Day grab the kids, sneak silently out the door and head out of the house. Before you go- make sure mom’s cell is on silent and don’t text or call her for any reason. Spend 2 hours letting the kids run wild and eat as much as they want. This way the kids won’t bother mom for anything when they walk through the door. And you’ll come home to a mom who is rested mentally and physically.

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Tip #2- Arrange a Picnic

There is almost nothing that I love more than a picnic in a beautiful spot with my kids. Reality is, however, that picnics are kind of a pain. No only do I have to figure out what we will eat, I have to pack it, utensils and seating arrangements, find the venue, and get there.

Picnic basket on bicycle

But one of my favorite things to do on Mother’s Day, is have a picnic that someone else plans! My best advice to those planning? Research in advance a great spot. Go to the grocery store in advance, pack the car, wrangle the kids into their carseats and take mom on a picnic that allows her to fully enjoy family time without worrying about a thing.

Tip #3- Keep Mom Out of the Kitchen

Let mom put her feet up for the whole day- breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks- and cook for her. Let her play with the kids while someone else worries about meal prep, cooking and cleanup. Our sausage, apple and potato foil packet recipe is easy and delicious!

Salad and bowl with utensils

Tip #4- Arrange Alone Time For Her

Quite frankly- so many of the moms that I know want a day OFF from kids and spouses. Don’t take that personally- we are just tired. So arrange a day or a few hours for her out of the house to do a spa day, or arrange for you and the kids to leave the house for a few hours so that mom can pamper herself. It’s what she probably really wants and is too ashamed to say. Need an alone time gift? Check out our book list of books mom will definitely love!

Tip #5- Ask Mom For Her Favorite Mother’s Day Activities!

Ask the mom in your life- in advance- what she wants. Don’t get offended- just listen. Then do it. I guarantee everyone will be happy!

What are your top Mother’s Day activities for mom on Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Woman in pool wearing sunhat


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