100 Somethings Challenge 2016

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One of the best parts about being a high school teacher is keeping in touch with former students to see what amazing things they do after leaving your classroom. My Facebook feed is filled with phenomenal young adults doing amazing things- a pharmacist, doctor, lawyer, Teach For America teacher, AIDS activist in Spain, banker, brewmaster, a Marine, translator for Children’s Hospital Denver, creator of the #100Somethings Challenge- the list goes on and on. It’s always exciting to see what people are up to, but it’s especially amazing when you and a former student end up in the same profession at the same time.

Cory Katuna

And that’s what happened with the amazing Ms. Cory Katuna and I. Cory was in the very first class that I taught my very first year teaching high school Spanish- and she was a pistol. A sports bra and basketball shorts wearing fourteen year old know it all who had a lot to say about my personal life- and my teaching abilities. I ended up teaching Cory for three consecutive years- and she became not only the kind of student who made me stretch the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of as a teacher, but also a lifelong friend. So it’s only natural that I would shamelessly plug her most recent endeavor by participating in the first of what is hopefully many #100Somethings challenges. Cory’s out to make the world a better place, and I have no doubt she will- she has made my life better by being in it.

#100Somethings Challenge

The gist of the #100sSomethings Challenge is that, between now and the end of the year, you will do something 100 times that will set you up to have the best 2017 possible (read about the actual challenge on Cory’s shiny new blog– warning there is adult language!) Inspired by all of the ideas in the #100Somethings Facebook group, I had decided to join the challenge by committing to make my step goal of 10,000 steps per day, one hundred times before 2017.  That’s ONE MILLION STEPS! (insert Austin Powers joke here).

Why 10,000 steps?

On a daily basis, between mothering, wife-ing, blogging and everything else, I often do not take time for myself. There are several things that fill me up- reading, eating yummy food, sleeping and exercise. I wear my Fit Bit Alta religiously to track my steps and sleep, and I know that on a regular day I reach about 7,000 steps in my daily routine. On the days that I take a 30 minute walk, I reach my goal of 10,000 steps. So while I’m tempted to write and say that I want to reach 10,000 steps every day until the end of 2016 in order to lose weight, up my heart rate, or increase my overall health, that’s not actually why I am joining the challenge. The truth is that those extra 3,000 steps every day represent to me the fact that I will have taken the time for something that fills me back up, 100 times before the end of the year. Any other benefits will be secondary- by the time 2017 rolls around, I will have taken time for myself 100 times, and taking time for myself will have become a habit. And that’s the Cory Katuna effect right there.

Print Your Tracker And Join the Movement!

In order to successfully complete this challenge I need a visual reminder of where I’m at, how I’m doing, and how much longer I have to reach my goal. So- with Cory’s permission, I created this handy #100Somethings printable check list. So no excuses- set your goal, print, and start setting yourself up for the most epic 2017 possible. Oh, and share away! (You can click here to print the sheet!)

What’s your #100Somethings commitment for 2016? We want to know so we can support you! Comment below, and join the Facebook group.



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