100 Somethings Challenge 2016 Results

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In August of 2016, I shared my goals for the 100 Somethings Challenge for 2016. If you missed the post- you can read it here, and download the free printable tracker that I used. Inspired by Cory Katuna’s #100Somethings movement, I started my challenge on August 24th, and I am proud to say that successfully completed the 100 Somethings Challenge for 2016! A few of the highlights from my results:

  1. My body looks different and my clothes are too big. Even though weight-loss wasn’t the main reason that I chose walking as my challenge, it was definitely an awesome side-effect! After completing over a million steps in the second half of 2016, even my Fitbit bracelet is too big! (affiliate) I carry myself in a stronger and different way since adding more movement to my life- and so many people have said how great I look.
  2. Movement became a habit. At the beginning of the challenge, I had to work hard to figure out ways to get my steps in every day. I love that now, since completing the challenge on January 1st, I have clocked 10,000 steps on my FitBit Alta (affiliate) or over every single day without even trying. This challenge led to a lifestyle change for me- which has jumpstarted me to make other healthy changes too.
  3. I prioritized myself in a healthy way. I sleep (and feel!) better than ever. With the added daily movement, I have been able to kick my chronic restless legs (a syndrome that would keep me up at night for countless hours) and get uninterrupted sleep. I also unapologetically made time for myself every single day for just over four months, and my relationships actually got better! (See highlight number 4).
  4. I have a better relationship with my kids. Since I had to walk a lot to complete the challenge, that meant that my daughters were in the stroller for roughly 3o minutes a day. We got creative about when, where, and how we walked- but we spent a lot of time walking to parks. During our walks we would play I Spy, sing silly songs, or read through books in the stroller. Once we arrived at the park- it was playtime for all of us.
  5. I majorly lowered my carbon footprint. I pretty much stopped driving anywhere that is less than 2 miles from my house. The library, the post office, the grocery store, even Chick-Fil-A are within walking distance from my house, and so I just walked to those places instead of driving. Score one for bettering the environment!

And that’s it! I set a goal, I completed it, and now something that used to seem impossible is a habit.

What healthy habit would you like to add to your life? Please let me know in the comments below!

I’m embarking on an EPIC (and super tough!) 100 Somethings Challenge for 2017- starting January 21 and ending on May 25. You can read all about it here starting tomorrow and grab your free printable tracker to get started. Who is ready to join me??

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